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Settling-in Inbound

Are you sending an employee to the United States to work? Moving to the United States is a wonderful experience that also comes with challenges unique to this country. One of the biggest challenges is getting a credit rating, which affects every part of your life. At Place2Place we understand the challenges and provide the support in order to get your assignee settled. Our services are offered by the day so as to provide exactly what you want based on needs, budget and assignment.

Settling in

Settling in is often integrated with Home Finding and so the assignee is already working with a consultant. Our goal is to get them settled as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Language Services

Having a basic understanding of a language is a must to be able to work, integrate and enjoy your new country. Let us get you started.

Educational Consulting

Finding the right school in your new community is not always easy. There are so many factors to take in to consideration and each city has different options. Depending on the complexity of the situation we will connect you with our educational consultant or our destination consultant.

Departure Program

When the assignment has come to an end and it is time to either go home or go on to another assignment location there are tasks that need to be done before leaving. P2P helps with everything from giving notice to the landlord, setting up a schedule for the items that need to be done, create timeline/checklist for the assignee to use in preparation for the move. We make sure the repairs, cleaning and deposits are carefully executed.

Business Traveler Program

Our Business Traveler program is concise and informative. A comprehensive face-to-face 2-hour program that includes a Newcomer/Relocation guide, verbal overview of the area and everything you need to know while the P2P consultant is taking you on a tour of the city.

Intern Program

Our short 2-hour program includes a Newcomer/Relocation guide, the P2P consultant takes them to apply for Social Security and provides them with an overview of the area.

Our half day program includes a Newcomer/Relocation guide, the P2P consultant takes them to apply for Social Security and a tour of the city.

Desktop Program

The Desktop program has been developed for those assignees that want the information accessible at their convenience and to take care of the process’ such as government applications and banking on their own. Everything they need is provided in several documents and they have limited access to a P2P consultant for questions if needed.

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