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Intercultural Programs

Pre-Departure - Post-Arrival
Moving to a New Culture

Place2Place's pre-departure, post-arrival training provides participants with a realistic understanding of what to expect while on an international assignment. In addition to learning about the new culture, the course provides practical living information, specific business-related information and an understanding of the cultural adjustment process. This program is usually scheduled 1-2 months before the move or after arrival.

Individual Coaching

Our individual coaching is fully customized to meet the participant's needs. It can be used to accelerate the adaptation to a new business culture, working with an executive on strategic goals for the new position, or to assist the spouse in creating a personal success plan with specific goals during the first months of acculturation. Coaching can be freestanding or a perfect supplement to any of Place2Place's cultural programs.

Moving Home

When an employee and family are sent on an international assignment, they know that they will encounter a different culture, language and lifestyle. However, when they return home, they often don't expect things to be different, because it is "home" after all, yet they always are. Place2Place's Repatriation program starts before the assignee and family leave for their international assignment and continues throughout so that when they are ready to return home the re-assimilation process is far easier and more effective.

Global Team Building

It is common place that companies today have multicultural teams to collaborate on projects. The home office will be working closely with the new office in another country or with multiple offices in multiple countries. The perception is that everyone is working for the same company, so process' should work the same way. This is where understanding of the culture and business relationships comes in to play. Place2Place's Team Building training helps participants understand distinct and varied ways of thinking and working. By using exercises and case studies, the participants learn valuable skills, including how to correctly interpret misunderstandings based on cultural differences and how to communicate and work effectively across cultural boundaries.

Working & Negotiating Effectively

This Place2Place customized program is geared for companies that are working in other countries by way of; opening an office, a new partnership, a merger/acquisition. We look at what you want to accomplish, the most important issues, and the desired outcome. With that in mind we put together an interactive program to address the identified issues and goals.

Online + Cultural Coaching Programs

Our online programs are a combination of interactive cultural training and working with a cultural coach to enhance the information provided and to further explain concepts. This is a perfect solution for our assignees that go to remote locations or that need the flexibility to take advantage of the training.

Culture is a framework in which we communicate.
- Stephen Roberts

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