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Our programs are based on your needs, and here are some of our most requested.

Home Finding

Please keep in mind that we include our time to research for properties, whether apartments or homes as part of the program.

Options -

a) Accompanied - the consultant accompanies the assignee and realtor the entire program.

b) Unaccompanied - the consultant briefs the assignee on the process and then follows up with the assignee at the end of each day.

2 days – Home Finding - Accompanied or with the P2P realtor to look at homes in various communities that have been chosen. Once they find one they like, they submit an application and when accepted we assist with the lease and utilities.

3 days Home Finding + Settling In - search and view homes, submit application and when accepted assist with the lease, utilities and walk through. Settling in includes welcome packet, briefing about the area and what one needs to know, assisting with banking, social security, car purchase, driver’s license, community tour and EAD application.

1 day Settling In – Welcome packet, briefing about the area, provide information on banking, accompany to social security, provide information on insurance, car purchase and driver's license

1 day Preview trip – welcome packet, overview of the area, area tour visiting several communities, based on needs and viewing a few homes to get a complete picture.

4 days – 2 Home Finding + 2 Settling In - as described above with additional time for schools or assistance with car purchase or help with spouse integration in to the community.

5 day – 1 preview, 2 days of Home Finding and 2 days Settling In – as described above

Departure program - it includes lease termination, checklist for assignee to close out accounts, get copies of all records, sell items they do not need, walk through, and see that deposit is returned to assignee/company.

Intern program - can be either a 2 hour program where consultant takes the intern to apply for their social security card and provides an overview of the city along the way. Or a ½ day where they apply for social security and are given a tour of the city and where to find what.

½ day area tour – Meet and go over the welcome packet, verbal orientation, drive through several communities and look at a few homes in each one, finish with a city tour.

2 hour recruiting area tour – A tour of pre-selected communities chosen by the candidate, an overview of everyday life in the city and a packet with specific information.



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