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Visas – Place2Place partners with an award winning immigration law firm that helps to simplify the process and to move you easily through the immigration system.

Area Orientation – Place2Place helps the assignee and family become familiar with the new location.

Recruiting Orientation – You conduct the interviews. P2P conducts an overview and introduction to the city.

Temporary Housing – Place2Place assists with identifying the assignees temporary housing needs to bridge the gap between arrival at their destination and having time to look for a home.

Home Finding – Whether you are moving into the U.S. or outbound to another country, Place2Place is with you during the process to help you find the perfect home.

Settling In Services - Upon arrival at your new location, Place2Place will guide you through the process for getting you and your family settled into you new location, home and community whether you are coming in to the United States or moving to another country.

Language Services – Having a basic understanding of a language is a must to be able to work, integrate and enjoy your new country.

Departure Program – Getting ready for your next assignment or going home, we can help with your departure to ensure all is done according to protocol.

Educational Consulting – Place2place’s educational consultants will guide you and provide you with the information you need to choose a school.

Intercultural Services – Place2Place helps you understand and interpret the new culture, language and lifestyle.

Spouse/Partner Support – At Place2Place we recognize that it’s not just the assignee that needs assistance, we consider the family as a whole and support the spouse as well.

Programs – Want to make your own program? We will put together a program for you to meet all of your requirements.



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