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Why a Destination Service Provider?

When a company transfers an employee to another country or to another city, the assignee, the spouse/partner and the children need reliable, expert local support to get off to a good start.

  • Processes are done differently in every country; for example, housing, schools, and government procedures just to name a few.
  • The local realtor and P2P consultant guide the assignee through each process making sure it is done according to that countries regulations and company policy.
  • An expert P2P liaison to manage the process between Human Resources, Assignee, Realtor, local P2P consultant in both home country and destination country.
  • The P2P team is aware of the different emotional stress factors that assignees and families go through and we provide the appropriate support in any given situation.


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A Director Magazine article reported, “among executives who fail overseas, most do so because of stresses on the family.”

At Place2Place, we are dedicated to creating successful domestic and international relocations with enhanced productivity for the assignee, making adaptation easier for the spouse / partner / family.

Here is what one assignee had to say about our assistance with destination services.

Everything was perfect. My P2P Consultant was awesome and helped with everything I asked for. Thank you for making my relocation go smoothly.” ~ Assignee moving from Wales, U.K. to Houston, Texas - 2016

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