Destination Services, What are They and Why are They Useful

Destination Services encompass a range of support offerings to employees relocating internationally, aiding in their transition to a new country.    These services facilitate adaptation by providing guidance on local customs, assisting with settling in support, and family integration into the new culture.  Another benefit of receiving the services is that it helps the employee to be ready much faster than if they were to figure it out on their own.

Destination services can be a combination of all, or some of the services depending on the employee’s needs and the company policy.

Area Tour

It is a great way for an employee to get a feel for an area and figure out what communities they like best.  Typically, it consists of showing several communities and a few homes and going by some schools to get an idea of what is available.  We finish up with a tour of the city and a Q&A session.  An area tour can also be provided as part of the decision-making process, for the employee to determine if this city will work for them and their family.

Home Finding

Navigating the process of renting a property in a foreign country presents unique challenges for individuals accustomed to their everyday practices. As part of our Destination Services, we provide invaluable guidance to employees, offering insight into the local real estate landscape and explaining procedures.  We include negotiating leases, accompanied property walk-throughs, and leveraging our relationships with landlords to advocate for our clients.  Additionally, we educate them on diverse payment requirements prevalent in different countries, ranging from monthly payments to up-front payments covering 6- 12 months in advance.

Settling In

A myriad of services are needed when moving to a new country, such as setting up a bank account, applying for government/tax registration, helping with school search and registration, purchasing a car, applying for a loan, a local driver’s license, insurance, referrals for everyday needs and an introduction to the community.

Spouse Support

Supporting the spouse is very important, we know from experience if the spouse is not happy in her new community it will be difficult for the employee to be productive.  The employee has her/his support at work, yet often the spouse is left to handle everyday things in a country which they may not be familiar with, and/or don’t speak the language.  We provide everything from an introduction to the community which includes organizations that match their interests, to providing professional career coaching if they are allowed to work.

Cultural Training

Our cultural training program goes beyond simply understanding different cultures; it equips employees with the tools to effectively communicate and collaborate within multicultural teams.  Through interactive sessions, employees identify areas where they may require support in communicating in their new culture, a video addressing culture shock and strategies to manage it, and two hours with a cultural trainer to discuss and evaluate.

Departure Services

Whether you are moving back home or going on your next assignment, assistance with moving out is helpful.  Our departure service streamlines the process, alleviating the burden on the employee of preparation for move out.  Our consultant provides a checklist and timeline to manage tasks, offer guidance, and provide resources for the employee to donate or discard items they do not want.  We send the lease break clause; schedule a walk through and confirm the return of the deposit.