April is Military Brat Month

April marks the celebration of Military Brat Month, honoring the approximately 1.2 million military brats worldwide. Despite its potentially misleading name, “Military Brat” is a term of endearment with a rich history dating back nearly a century. Originating from the British Regiment in 1921, where families traveled alongside troops and were affectionately referred to as […]

Four Tips on Choosing a Supplier

In the relocation industry, our network of suppliers caters to the needs of both our clients and their employees. This includes a range of services such as Auto, Banking, Temporary Housing, Real Estate, Lending, Educational Consulting, Cross-Cultural Training, Language instruction, and Career Coaching. While some services are handled internally, others are outsourced to partners who […]

Destination Services, What are They and Why are They Useful

Destination Services encompass a range of support offerings to employees relocating internationally, aiding in their transition to a new country.    These services facilitate adaptation by providing guidance on local customs, assisting with settling in support, and family integration into the new culture.  Another benefit of receiving the services is that it helps the employee to […]